Common Mistakes in English-09

Common  Mistakes in English-09   1.       Incorrect : He took a high mark in English. Correct: He got an excellent grade in English. Note : “To take” হচ্ছে কোন কিছু ইচ্ছা করে বা জোর করে নেওয়া। “To receive” এবং “to get”  হচ্ছে অন্যের কাছ থেকে কোন কিছু পাওয়া। যেমন- a gift, a letter, money বা […]

Common Mistakes in English- 08

Common Mistakes in English- 08   1.       Incorrect : He said “You are a coward boy”. Correct : He said, “You are a coward” Note : Coward হচ্ছে noun এবং cowardly হচ্ছে adjective তাই coward এর পরে boy বসবে না। 2.       Incorrect : He behaves friendly. Correct : He behaves in a friendly way. Note […]

Substitution of Single Word- 09

Substitution of Single Word (এক কথায় প্রকাশ)– 09   1.    A place where money is coined(মুদ্রা তৈরি করা)-Mint(টাকশাল) 2.    A house or shelter for a confined cow- Pen (খোয়াড়)

Substitution of Single Word- 08

Substitution of Single Word (এক কথায় প্রকাশ)– 08 1.    A place for production of bread- Bakery(রুটিঘর) 2.    The underground dwelling place of an animal- Burrow(গর্ত)

Substitution of Single Word- 07

Substitution of Single Word (এক কথায় প্রকাশ)– 07   1.   One who lives at the same time as a particular event or person- Contemporary (সমসাময়িক) 2.   Written by hand – Manuscript (পান্ডুলিপি) 3.   That which lives on another – Parasite (পরজীবী) 4.   A speech or writing too full of words – Verbose (শব্দবহুল) 5.   One […]

Common Mistakes in English- 07

Common Mistakes in English- 07   1.       Incorrect : The number of students are increasing. Correct : The number of students is increasing.           Note : The number of এর পরে singular verb ব্যবহৃত হবে। 2.       Incorrect : A number of students is absent today. Correct : A number of students are absent today.           […]

Common Mistakes in English- 06

Common mistakes in English- 06   1.      Incorrect : He has grown into a beautiful youth. Correct: He has grown into a handsome youth. Note: সাধারণত ছেলেদের বেলায় সুন্দর বোঝাতে handsome অথবা good- looking এবং মেয়েদের বেলায় beautiful অথবা pretty ব্যবহার করা হয়। 2.    Incorrect : My elder brother is six feet high. Correct : […]

Substitution of Single Word- 06

Substitution of Single Word (এক কথায় প্রকাশ)- 06 1.   One who deals in wine- Vintner(মদ্যব্যবসায়ী) 2.   One who makes wheels for carriages and carts- Wheel-wright (যে গাড়ীর চাকা নির্মাণ ও মেরামত করে) 3.   A person in charge of a museum- Curator (জাদুঘর-রক্ষক) 4.   One who foretells events- Prophet(দৈবজ্ঞ) 5.   One who shoots with bows and […]

Substitution of Single Word-05

Substitution of Single Word(এক কথায় প্রকাশ)-05   1.    One who spends lavishly- Extravagant(অপব্যয়ী) 2.    One who breaks images, beliefs and customs- Iconoclast (প্রচলিত প্রথা বা বিশ্বাসকে যে আঘাত করে) 3.    One who pretends to be what he is not- Impostor(ভন্ড) 4.      One who is versed in many languages- Linguist (ভাষাবিদ) 5.    One who dies for […]

Substitution of Single Word-04

Substitution of Single Word (এক কথায় প্রকাশ)-04   1. Murder of one’s own self- Suicide (আত্মহত্যা) 2. Murder of a man- Homicide (নরহত্যা) 3. Murder of an infant- Infanticide (শিশুহত্যা) 4. Murder of a group of people- Genocide (গণহত্যা) 5. Murder of a king or queen- Regicide (রাজহত্যা) 6. Murder of one’s own father or […]

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