One Word Substitutions

  1. A house or shelter for a dong-Kennel
  2. A writing written by a writer about his own life-An autobiography
  3. A speech full of too many words is-A verbose speech
  4. A song embodying religious and sacred emotions-Hymn
  5. A place where birds are kept-Aviary
  6. A place where fishes are kept-Aquarium
  7. A place where money is coined-Mint
  8. A person who does not believe in God-Atheist
  9. A paper written by hand-Manuscript
  10. A person who believes in God-Theist
  11. A person who writes dictionaries-Lexicographer
  12. A specialist in eye diseases is called-Ophthalmologist
  13. A person who eats excessive-Glutton
  14. A person unable to write-Illiterate
  15. A person who collects stamps-Philatelist
  16. A person who skilled many languages-Linguist
  17. A language difficult to understand-Jargon
  18. A man who is neither intelligent nor dull-Mediocre
  19. A disease which spreads by contact-Contagious
  20. A sound which cannot be heard-Inaudible
  21. Decision that cannot be taken back-Irrevocable
  22. Many islands make up-An archipelago
  23. Murder of one’s own self-Suicide
  24. Murder of a man-Homicide
  25. Murder of an infant-Infanticide
  26. Not bearing the name of the writer-Anonymous
  27. One with unlimited power-Autocrat
  28. One who walks in sleep-Somnambulist
  29. One who foretells things by the stars-Astrologer
  30. One who studies heavenly bodies-Astronomer
  31. One who eats human flesh-Cannibal/Carnivorous
  32. One who journeys to holy place-Pilgrim
  33. One who is present everywhere-Omnipresent
  34. One leaving his native country to settle in another-Emigrant
  35. One settles in a country from leaving his own country-Immigrant
  36. One trying to do well to mankind-Philanthropist
  37. One who hates mankind-Misanthropist
  38. Practicing several marriages-Polygamy
  39. Study of weather-Meteorology
  40. Study of medicine for children and their diseases-Paediatrics/Pediatrics
  41. The killing of a whole race-Genocide
  42. The people who carry a coffin at a funeral are called-Pallbearers
  43. Time after twilight and before night-Dusk
  44. The house of an  Eskimo-Igloo
  45. A person who always doubts-Cynic/ Skeptic
  46. A person who mends shoes-Cobbler
  47. A person who sells medicine-Druggist
  48. A person who carves on stones-Sculptor
  49. A person who deals in cattle-Drover
  50. A person who lends money at a very high rate of interest-Usurer
  51. A person who foretells events-Seer/ Mystic/ Clairvoyant/ Prophet
  52. A place for production of bread-Bakery
  53. A place for keeping airplanes-Hanger
  54. A shelter/shed for cows-Cow-shed
  55. A place where a bird sits-Perch
  56. Animal living in flocks-Gregarious
  57. A speech delivered for the first time in the assembly-Maiden Speech
  58. A person died for a noble cause-Martyr
  59. A person who deals in wine-Vintner
  60. A person in charge of museum-Curator
  61. A person that sells a particular product-Vendor
  62. A place where fish eggs are hatched-Hatchery
  63. A place for production and treatment of milk-Dairy
  64. The underground dwelling place of an animal-Burrow
  65. A person who carries burden for hire-Porter
  66. A person who rides the horses in races-Jockey
  67. To walk aimlessly-Wander
  68. Carriage for sick people-Ambulance
  69. An inheritance from father-Patrimony
  70. A formal composition or speech expressing high praise of somebody-Eulogy
  71. A woman who is unmarried-Spinster
  72. A person who studies scientific development of language-Philologist
  73. One who is specialist in heart and its diseases-Cardiologist
  74. The study of the ancient civilization-Archaeology
  75. The study of origin and history of the universe-Cosmology
  76. A government of officials-Bureaucracy
  77. Excessive Patriotism-Chauvinism
  78. A person who lives on the earning of others-Sponger/ Parasite
  79. The act of literary theft-Plagiarism
  80. A child born after the death of its father-Posthumous
  81. The practice of keeping many husbands at the same time-Polyandry


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